Wedding Traditions that Are Still Relevant

Karlie Colleen Photography

Karlie Colleen Photography

Today on the blog, we are sharing wedding traditions you should consider keeping on wedding day. Honestly, there are so many – and how on earth do you get the time to include everything that you ‘should’ be doing? And are you going to offend or upset anyone if you leave things out?

Some traditions we just seem to follow because it’s what people have always done, or what is expected of us. We might not question if these traditions have any relevance today. You certainly do not have to include all of them. Technically, it’s your wedding, and you don’t have to include any of them. However, below we choose out top wedding traditions we recommend


Being ‘ given away’

While the idea of being given away as property from your parents to your partner is a bit archaic, many couples keep a version of this because the feelings behind it are quite lovely.

Your father, or both your parents very often like walking you down the aisle, as a representation of everything they have done for you up to this point, and to indicate that they approve of your partner and support your future together. YEAH, we just shed a tear too.

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Exchanging Rings

Did you know exchanging rings is not required legally? It comes from ancient times, but hundreds of years ago only the wife wore a ring, and it was to signify that she belonged to her husband, and he trusted her to look after his house and children.

Obviously, now we exchange rings with both partners. They are worn with great pride that we are married and belong to one another.  

Genevieve Hansen Photography

Genevieve Hansen Photography

Genevieve Hansen Photography

Genevieve Hansen Photography


Having a Wedding/Bridal Party

Bridesmaids and groomsmen, or simply wedding attendants, is one of those ones that just keeps seeming to stick around. In the modern wedding, of course, there are duties that attendants are supposed to carry out — but beyond helping to throw the bridal shower and/or bachelorette party, what's the story behind their popularity? 

In Ancient Roman, when people got married, a wedding needed 10 witnesses to be considered legally binding; this is thought to have been sort of a proto-wedding party. Furthermore, the bridesmaids all had to dress just like the bride in order to confuse vengeful spirit presences who might try to harm or sabotage the newlyweds. Nothing says "Congratulations!" like acting as a decoy for evil things attempting to possess your bestie on her wedding day.

This tradition is still very relevant today, for a few reasons:

  • It honors our closest friends
  • We will be nervous and need people up there with us
  • We have a lot of stuff to remember and carry, so some extra hands really help
Lexy Popa Photography

Lexy Popa Photography


Cutting the Cake

Traditionally it wasn’t a cake, but a loaf of bread, and it was broken over the bride’s head to wish her luck. Over time it became an ornate wedding cake instead, which the couples slice in front of their guests for good luck.  Some couples still keep to the tradition and smash it in each other’s faces.

We vote for keeping this tradition because there is cake. What other reason do we need, don’t we all love cake?

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Throwing the bouquet

Hundreds of years ago, brides were considered the pinnacle of “blessed”. It was considered very good luck to touch the bride – and even better luck to grab a piece of the bride, in the form of her wedding dress or veil.

To avoid a ruined dress and the stress of being physically grabbed at as they were trying to run off on their honeymoon, brides began throwing their bouquets to distract their guests and make them chase after the flowers, instead of her and her gown.

 This one is a bit more subjective. Many single women don’t like being dragged up to parade in front of everyone. However, some cultural traditions still use it, and some families and groups still love it and see it as great fun.

Kylee Patterson Photography

Kylee Patterson Photography

Kylee Patterson Photography

Kylee Patterson Photography


Remember, this is your wedding after all. Consider all of the traditions, and then keep the ones that mean something to you as a couple, or mean something to the people close to you.

The best advice we can always share, do what works best for you.