The Wedding Dress for Your Body

Mi Amore Photography

Mi Amore Photography

Every bride wants to look their absolute best on wedding day, and might turn to trimming or slimming down to feel perfect. However, today we are talking about loving your bod in your wedding dress now.

Our way involves no strenuous exercise, no dietary restrictions, all the cheese and chocolate you want and plenty of sitting on the couch streaming television or shopping online. Below you will find a list of tips to help you get some healthy self-love for your (already gorgeous) bod in your wedding dress.


Accentuate what you love

What features do you love about your body? Everyone has some of these. It might be your eyes or your smile, your healthy flowing hair, your dainty hands, voluptuous bosom, banging hips or smoking booty. You might have great shoulders, love the way your back looks, or have legs for days. You might love your feet.

If however, you are struggling with this, then get a close friend, or several of them, and recruit them for this task. Often we are overly critical of ourselves but our friends will be both honest and kind about telling us what our best features are.

After you decide on what you love the most, start the research and find out the best way to highlight these assets.

Wedding dresses are wonderful in many ways, and one of the best ones is they can be custom made exactly for you and can showcase the areas that you like.

Leave it to the Professionals

If you know that your best smile is more posed than natural, then ask your photographer to take shots that highlight not candid look. If there is anything you are self-conscious about, tell your photography so that they know to always get your good side.
Talk to a make-up artist and hairstylist about the best ways to play up your favorite features. What hairstyle or color will accentuate your face, what colors will make your eyes pop or maybe you leave your hair down to shape your face more. Leave it to the professional to help you really help you bring out those features you love.

Lisa Eley Photography

Lisa Eley Photography

Be Flexible

Be flexible, you may have always had your heart set on a mermaid skirt gown, but when it comes to trying it on, it might really not suit your shape. That’s okay, because most women have never worn a dress quite like a wedding gown before, you may be surprised by what flatters you and what doesn’t. Often the dress that looks the least likely on the rack, will be the one that makes you happiest once it’s on.

Be open to trying on different things, and also to taking recommendations from your dressmaker.

Side of Inspiration

Side of Inspiration


While you are accentuating the areas you like, consider ways to flatter (or hide) the bits you are more concerned about. If you don’t like your shoulders or upper arms, consider a jacket, shawl or cap sleeves, or cover areas with some lace. If you are self-conscious about your stomach, an empire line, A-frame or fit and flare shape skirt can be more flattering.

There is greater variety in dress designers than ever before, and you can use this to your advantage, don’t be scared to customize the dress.

Catherine Jeter Photography

Practice Self-Love

True acceptance of yourself and all your foibles might take a little longer than this blog post, but there are some wonderful truths you can tell yourself which will get you on the right track.
Instead of thinking of your body as something to look at, consider what it does every day. Think about how it has brought you through your whole life, and honor it for being strong and healthy, rather than thinking of it as an ornament.
Think of the women around you that you admire, such as your mother, sisters or friends. What is it exactly that you most admire about them? When you picture them, or anyone that you love, do you think of their individual body features? No, you just think of them with love and admiration. And on your wedding day, that is exactly how they will see you too.

Catherine Johnson Photography

Catherine Johnson Photography

 Choose a dress that plays to your strengths and weaknesses, and that fits in with your personal style. Remember, the only things a bride needs to be on wedding day is happy and in love.