8 Secrets to Making your Guest Think Your Wedding was the BEST Ever!

Let's start by saying it's all about your guest! Yes, I know it's your wedding day and you've waited for this perfect day to finally be here. But let's remember you've asked family and close friends to join you and they have made multiple efforts in spending this day with you. So to make sure they have a fabulous time at your wedding, it's worth remembering some of the following tips. 

Photo: Ashley Freehana Photography

Photo: Ashley Freehana Photography

  1. Don't bore your guests with a long list of photos during cocktail hour. Although it's a special time for you, try not to leave your guests standing outside, hungry and thirsty, while the photographer snaps away. Have a glass of Champagne waiting for them and a few appetizers.

2 .Standing around in the cold, wet or sun blazing outside the venue for 30 minutes  waiting for the ceremony to start, it isn't that much fun. It also sets a tone and not the tone you want either.


3.If you're not going to have a load of singles at your wedding, then it's thoughtful to offer a plus one on the invitation.


4. On the other hand, a singles table or two could be a massive success. Singles tend not to want to sit amongst married couples. And you never know who will hit it off with whom!


5. Don't let the speeches go on and on. You may think it's absolutely hilarious for your father to regale your guests with stories of what you did as a child and the best man to relive his experiences with the bridegroom but you may see your guests getting restless. Short, sweet and entertaining is the best way.


6. Don't hold back on food and wine. Make sure your guest get plenty of food and open bar all night! 


7. Having a chill-out zone is always a good plan. If you're having dancing, some people may want to catch up and chat somewhere a bit quieter. So lay tea and coffee on somewhere (with wedding cake) that's away from the dance floor.


8. Send your thank-you letters out promptly. It costs quite a bit of money to be a wedding guest nowadays, what with the travel to the venue, probably an overnight stay, an outfit, the bachelorette party and of the course, the wedding gift.


The key is, to not forget about the experience as the guest! 


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