The Speech

Over the years we have heard many amazing speeches given to our wedding couples. We also have heard a few not so amazing speeches that make us eek as we wish they had just a bit more structure. Today, we are giving you the secret formula to make the best speech out there!

Attention all Maids of Honor, Best Men and Parents – follow the SECRET FORMULA and we promise your speech will be one to remember.

Benjamin Clifford Photography 

Benjamin Clifford Photography 

The Secret Speech Formula

  •  Introduce Yourself

Surprise, not everyone knows your relationship to the couple; Parents share a little something about yourself too.

  • Personal/Sweet story about the couple

 Key words- the couple! Yes, you could be the Maid of Honor or the Best Man but you should talk about the couple in whole. We promise, it will mean more years later.

  • Funny/Sweet story about your own feelings towards why the couple is great for each other

 Yes, once again you are talking about the couple! This time you are telling your feelings about them together and really think about why they are good for each other.

  • Sentimental words to the couple

Here is how you bring down the house, close the speech with the words – “meant to be” or a love quote and bring on the tears.

  •  A simple Salutation – Cheers!!!

Pretty simple, but you be surprised how many people forget to actually “TOAST” the couple and take a sip of their drink.

Follow the formula and we promise you will give a speech they everyone will enjoy. Here are a few more things we think you should also keep in mind while giving the speech.

Speech TIPS:

1.       Own the Room and be Confident

2.       Make it SHORT and Organized

3.       Don’t talk about Yourself

4.       Inside Jokes don’t work

5.       Make the couple look Awesome

6.       Write it down

7.       Practice

Benjamin Clifford Photography

Benjamin Clifford Photography

Benjamin Clifford Photography

Benjamin Clifford Photography

At the end of the day remember - the couple thinks you are pretty awesome!