A Classic Military Wedding

From the time-honored traditions to the ceremonial dress uniforms, there's something so special about a military wedding. In honor of our soldiers, we're sharing this classic military wedding that is inspirational.

Lynae and Ryker thank you for planning such a beautiful wedding. It was our honor to have it at The Wright House.

Photographer: Cindy Maiyer Photo


Assigning Guest Tables at Your Wedding

Shea Brie Photography

Shea Brie Photography


I know that you are tackling this project right at the end of your planning process, and you might be feeling low on wedding task motivation, however power through as we help you get this off your to do list!

Shea Brie Photography

Shea Brie Photography

Follow these easy steps to make your table assignments:

I recommend using Aisle Planner

  1. Upload your guest list (a csv file) to Aisle Planner under the GUEST tab

  2. Confirm the maximum seat occupancy for the tables at your wedding venue, divide your guest count by that number. For example, if your venue has 60” round tables, which can seat 8 guests each, and you have 106 guests (minus the head table of 12), 106/8 = 14 (round up)

  3. Under the LAYOUT tab add tables and chairs to tables, drag and drop guests on the right hand column to tables, it’s easy and intuitive.

  4. Start with family tables (Aisle Planner sorts it for you, as long as you’ve sorted it in the GUESTS tab) and add people until the table is full.

  5. Don’t overthink this part! If you have parties of 6 or 7 try splitting them in half and seating them with the guests that you feel like don’t have a ‘spot’.

  6. Alter numbers to your table groupings based on your layout - family tables should be seated closer to your head table, friends tables should be seated on the dance floor if you plan on clearing tables for the dance.

  7. Pick a pretty template in Canva, or hire a designer; copy, paste and print!

  8. Best place to print is at a local print shop (try Staples or Fedex) and make sure your print on a large FORM board to better display and easier than finding a frame

Oh and don’t forget your head table!

Okay, so it might not be quick and it might not feel easy or simple, but using Aisle Planner definitely takes a lot of the stress out of ensuring all guests are accounted for in your seating chart. And Canva has a lot of pretty templates to print out one large seating chart (sorted alphabetically) or print place cards.

You got this!

Enjoy XOXO

Shea Brie Photography

Shea Brie Photography

Wedding Day

Today on the blog we are showcasing photographer Shaleena Danielle Photography.


My tip would be to have a connection with your photographer, you should feel like you could be friends with them, and even become friends with them. The more connected you are the better your day and your photos will be, and the more genuine your emotions in your photos will be.

Shaleena is a fine art photographer living in Arizona. She likes hiking and being lazy with her dog Ronan. Above all Shaleena enjoys connecting with people and curating precious moments for generations to enjoy through photography.

Shaleena back in  March photographed Vince and Ciara’s beautiful wedding day. Today on the blog she is giving us her play on play of the day.


The day of the wedding started at this ADORABLE little Air Bnb in Tempe, AZ. I walked in and Ciara immediately asked me if I thought this bnb was a photographer’s dream. Yes, yes, it was. Just look at some of their photos from the main part of the bnb

Ciara’s bridal party was amazing! The bride’s man, Ryan, had me and my assistant, Liv, laughing the whole time. He was dancing, and happy, they all were, full of jokes, and smiles. AND THEY WERE ALL SO NICE!

It’s rare to have a wedding where, EVERYONE is amazing, but this was definitely the case with this wedding. They WERE AMAZING!!!




(the letter, and the first look)

Before Ciara and Vince’s first look they read letters that they had written each other. Ciara didn’t think Vince would want to be photographed, so I asked if she would be okay with having her reading photographed. She said yes. I am so, SO glad that she did. It was beautiful, and the perfect thing to have leading into the first look.





The Ceremony

Their ceremony was beautiful, short, to the point. Before the ceremony started, Ciara was ready to run off and just elope with Vince. She said that before going down the isle, she asked her dad to tell her about baseball.

Obviously, baseball helped calm Ciara’s nerves as she walked down the Isle to meet the love of her life.