How to get the best photos on wedding day!

Today on the blog we are pleased to have a guest writer: Alicia Larkey, owner and lead photographer of Make It Happen Photography.

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Make It Happen Photography

Make It Happen Photography is owned by Matt and Alicia Larkey, two madly in love wedding photographers who are passionate about serving brides & grooms on their best day ever. Their main goal is to set you at ease on your wedding day while making sure they capture images that transport you back to the moments of your wedding day. They were married in a Disney Fairy Tale Wedding and recently celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary. Alicia runs their wedding photography business while Matt is a high school baseball coach, and owns his own business as well. They live in Scottsdale, AZ with their 3 kids. Their favorite way to spend a day together is photographing all the beautiful moments of a wedding day for their brides and grooms.   

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One of the most important decisions you can make about your wedding day is choosing your wedding photographer. And the best photographers are going to insist you have a second shooter present, whether it’s included in their package or purchased as an option. Why is a second photographer so important? Well, think of all the moments throughout the wedding day that cannot be recreated. The more cameras and experienced photographers you have there with you, the less chance you’ll miss any of these unforgettable moments. Below are just a couple examples:

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You know those dreamy shots that you see in wedding photos… the ones where the groom was wiping away a tear as his bride came up the aisle?  There was likely a second shooter involved. While the lead photographer captures the bride entering the ceremony, your second photographer stays focused on the groom for that one perfect instant where the tear starts to form in the corner of his eye and his hand comes up to wipe it away. And just at that moment, your lead photographer is catching the bride going into the most beautiful smile of her life as she sees her groom react to her in her wedding gown. These moments are quick, important and will be some of your favorites as you begin your new life together.

One of our other favorite moments while shooting together as a lead and second photographer is during the First Look session. It’s so important that one of us is trained on the bride’s reaction as she sees the love of her life turn around, looking so handsome and ready to marry her. And the second photographer is trained on the groom at that exact moment, where he is seeing her in her wedding gown for the first time. The magic of this moment is caught from different angles with different lenses so you can relive all these emotions every time you go through your wedding gallery in the years to come.

Having two photographers also means we can each focus on one of you as the day begins. Once each of you is ready in your wedding dress, or tux, the lead photographer will take the bride to get the Bridal Party portraits done while the second photographer will get the groom’s portraits done in another location at the venue. This allows the wedding day to run more smoothly and not have your photographer rushing through portraits. So, when you choose your wedding photographer, make sure to choose one who has a second photographer included in their package, or at least the option to pay for one. You will be so happy you did when you see a beautiful gallery full of emotion, storytelling and memories.    


Alicia Larkey, Owner, Lead Photographer

Instagram: @MakeItHappenPhotography

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