7 Essential Items to Bring to Your Wedding Day


TODAY on the blog we have a guest writer: Shea Brie Photography. She is sharing 7 essential items to bring to your wedding day! (Learn more about Shea at the end of the blog post) 

Enjoy XOXO

Prepping for your wedding day can be stressful. You’ve hired your DJ, florist, venue, photographer & have your dress. Now its just the little things you need to pack to enhance your wedding day & refrain from any last minute running around!


1. A steamer: It’s highly suggested to bring a steamer to add some last minute touches to everyones outfit! No one wants to stare at a wrinkly dress…. (also chances are high your photographer won’t edit it out)


2. A fancy dress hanger: You photographer will most likely take photos of your wedding dress. Your hanger will be in the photos. It is highly suggested to bring a nice wood hanger or something with a little customization…. anything other than plastic!


3. Hair Essentials: Always bring extra bobby pins, hairspray, hair-ties, etc. Last minute hair touches may be necessary!

4. Emergency kit: Band aids & ibuprofen are always a necessity on wedding days! Its best to make sure you have them with you.


5. Small Details: Your photographer will most likely want to take photos of all your details including: your jewelry, rings (bride & grooms), invitation suite, shoes, veil, dress & perfume. It is suggested you keep everything together in a safe spot so you don’t have to run around to find everything they may request.


6. Your marriage license: Sounds silly, I know! However some couples do forget to bring it on their wedding day. Maybe put a bridesmaid or family member in charge of it!


7. Change of shoes: There is nothing worst that having your feet hurt all day. Bring a change of shoes so that your feet can readjust!

I hope this helps you as you begin to pack your bags for one of the biggest days of your life. Something to remember: even if you forget something… that is completely okay & nothing to stress about. At the end of the day, your a saying “I do” and committing the rest of your lives together. That should be the focus, not the tiny details!


About Shea Brie Photography

Shea Brie is a local wedding photographer. She sees the importance of capturing every little moment... the tender kisses & the passing glances... the moments you didn't even know were happening. She wants to give you those moments in between, that are unplanned & unposed. She values every couples love story & wants to celebrate them in the best way possible. The story starts with you two, she is here to help capture it.