Hidden Questions to ask when booking a Wedding Venue?

Melissa Ivy Photography

Melissa Ivy Photography

Today we are talking about hidden questions you need to ask when booking a wedding venue. Now, we still advise asking other questions and defiantly those common ones like - "What is included in the package"? But we want to help with questions that you might not think of in asking especially before handing over a chunk of change. 


Here are our top hidden questions to ask when contacting for you wedding venue:

Are taxes included in this price - if not how much more? 

How much is it per person after I hit my cap of guest? 

What is my payment plan? 

When do you need to have the full amount paid by?

Is gratuity included? 

How much is my deposit and is there a security deposit you hold until after the event? 

What is the cancellation policy? 

Are there any other additional fees with your vendors? Such as cake cutting fee or dish rentals? 

Do you work with a hotel nearby with discount room rates? 

What is the alcohol policy? 

What is your plan B in case of bad weather?

Is the ceremony rehearsal included?  

If I need to add an hour for set up or clean up how much is it? 


There can be a million questions you wan to ask and that's okay. You will learn as you do a site visit most questions will be answered. However, it's great to write a list out of question you wan to know as it will later help you in deciding between venues. Good luck hunting! 



Venue: The Wright House 

Photographer: Melissa Ivy Photography