The Maid of Honor

Jess Legaspi Photography

Jess Legaspi Photography

As long ago as the eleventh century, the notion that a bride would consent to her marriage, even an arranged one, gave weddings a new key player; THE MAID OF HONOR.

The birth of “The Maid of Honor” came upon when the Bride was able to give a say if she wanted to marry. Two reliable witnesses who would vouch for the Bride and Groom, whom were required to sign the wedding registry. What better person to represent the bride than a dear friend?

 Over the years the Maid of Honor role and job duties has transformed to a full list. Today on the blog; we are giving you the top 10 duties any Maid of Honor should make sure she/he completes.

Top 10 Maid of Honor Duties 


Help Pick Dresses

Help the Bride choose her wedding dress and provide input for the Bridesmaids dresses


Be Pal

Take anything you can off her plate


Make an Emergency Kit

You are also in charge of any last minutes items to pick up


Plan the Bachelorette Party

Make sure you plan everything in the bride’s style – also plan on hosting or co-hosting the bridal shower


Keep everyone on Schedule

Help get those gals to their hair, make up, nails appointments on the big day


Keep the Grooms Ring Safe

Either make sure you walk up there with the ring or whomever else has been chosen (ring bearer or Best Man)


Hold Bouquet during Ceremony

Plan on holding the bouquet, vows and make sure you also fluff the dress train if needed


Sign and witness the marriage license

The original duty as a bridesmaid - probably your most important job


Toast the Bride and Groom

During the reception have a prepared and meaningful speech about the Bride and Groom


Get all the Gifts Home

Make sure all of the gifts are collected and transported to their final destination

Now, when you choose your maid of honor to be by your side as you take your vows, you are connecting with this giant advance women made centuries ago.


Jess Legaspi Photography

Jess Legaspi Photography

Photography: Jess Legaspi Photography (Link) 

Venue: The Wright House (Link)

History Content: A Bride's Book of Wedding Traditions - Arlene Hamilton Stewart (Link)