Wedding Dessert Buffets

Karlie Colllen Photography

Today on the blog we have guest writer Sue Jacobs, a well known baker and artist when it comes to creating the perfect look for wedding cakes. Today on the blog she is sharing the new hot trend of Wedding Desserts!

Wedding dessert buffets are one of the hottest new trends in the wedding industry. Gone are the days of serving your guests only wedding cake. Wedding couples and their wedding guests alike, love having the option of choosing their favorite sweet treat. 

Dessert bars, also known as Wedding Dessert Buffets, are becoming a popular choice for couples looking to put a twist on tradition!  We can certainly see why! The dessert table will most likely become the most frequented area of the night! An added PLUS, it’s open to all guests, regardless of their age.  What better way to treat your guests than with a gorgeous table full of post-dinner treats? Also great for ensuring you have a sweat treat to please all tastes. 


When deciding what delicious treats to offer your guests at your wedding reception, we recommend providing 3-4 different dessert options. You do not want to overwhelm your guests with too many options. We also recommend that you have a traditional wedding cake as part of your buffet. Many people love options of different treats, but also love the tradition of a wedding cake. 

Sue Jacobs Cakes can help you add fun and fabulous treats for your own unique desert bar.  Some of our most recent Wedding Dessert Buffets have offered the dessert options of cheese cake, brownies, cupcakes (in miniature and full size), cake pops, Gold and Silver Dusted donuts, cookies, and even the European macarons!

You can see many of these delicious treats on website and social media pages.

Sue Jacobs Cakes