What's your Wedding Bouquet style?

Lauren Buman Photography

Lauren Buman Photography

To non-brides, all bouquets likely appear basically the same. They're simply an arrangement of flowers tied with ribbon, right? In fact, not all bouquets are created equal! There is actually a variety of styles for your bridal bouquet and today on the blog, we are sharing our expertise to prepare you in choosing the perfect wedding day bouquet.

Take a look below - Which type speaks to you and your wedding style?


Originally referred to as “shower or waterfall bouquet,” this bouquet is the most formal and traditional. It is designed to spill gracefully over the brides hands as it flows downward for a sophisticated and stylized look. Vines and orchids look particularly pretty spilling out of a bouquet! This type of bouquet makes a strong style statement, so make sure to keep your gown and other accessories simple.

FUN FACT: The late Princess Diana carried this style as her impressive bridal bouquet

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A classic and popular choice for brides, posy bouquets are small enough to be held in one hand and feature mostly flowers. These types of bouquets typically feature a rounded shape and are wrapped with ribbon. Can be constructed loosely with hand-wrapped, wedding color-coordinated ribbon and an embellished trim, or by inserting florist wire into the stems for a more structured look with one type of flower.

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It's all about the shape! Round bouquets are formed into perfect domes, often using a single type of flower like roses or peonies. A simple, yet elegant and traditional bouquet, designed as either a tight cluster for density, or loosely for an “airy” feel. This type of bouquet works well with all wedding and dress styles.

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Compact cluster of flowers, where stems are wrapped tightly often with organza or satin ribbon and cut to one, uniform length. Though similar to posy bouquets, nosegays place more emphasis on greenery. They work well as bridesmaid bouquets, due to their small, compact size.

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This newer style, is freer than other bouquet styles, hand-tied bouquets can include a wide assortment of flowers and greenery, and as their name suggests, are secured simply using ribbon, fabric, or twine. Hand-tied bouquets have a "fresh-picked" feel and are ideal for bohemian or rustic weddings.

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Choosing your wedding flowers is never a trivial matter and with so many styles to choose from, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. However, take comfort that all flowers are beautiful and no matter what you choose, your florist will work magic and I am sure you will love your bouquet.


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Ashley Guice Photography