Surviving a Bridal Show

On January 6th & 7th, we will be at the Arizona Bridal Show from 9:00am to 3:00pm - Phoenix Convention Center. You can purchase tickets - 2 for $12 here. Before you head out on Sunday, do yourself a favor and read the 4 tips below to come prepared for the show! 

Create Stickers Labels
As you visit the different tables, vendors are going to request your basic contact information. Save yourself a lot of time by becoming friends with AVERY Labels -print your name, address, email address, and wedding date (if you haven't chosen a date yet, put TBD). Not only does this give the vendor an easy way to reach you after the event, but it also enters you to win door prizes.

Make a Wedding-Only Email Address
Let's be honest, you are not interested in every vendor and you don't need them contacting you after the wedding. Creating a separate email address for wedding vendors eliminates the clutter from your regular inbox and let's you focus wedding information in one location. This should not be confused for a fake email address but rather an email you will use for all the wedding information you need to communicate. 

Map out your trip

Find the Vendors you really NEED! You probably don’t need to find every vendor necessary to complete your wedding day. So, make a list of the three different types of vendors you need to see at the show, and only stop at those types of booths. Also, if you’re just engaged, then you probably need a venue, caterer, and a wedding planner. So, those are the three you need to look at first before you start looking at wedding cakes or shoes. Staying to a strict vendor-type list will make the show more enjoyable for you, and also less overwhelming. Trust me.

Two Bags Please!

Yes! 2 bags upon arrival, (usually provided by the bridal show sponsors) and use one bag for actual vendors that you would like to follow up with, while the other is for vendors that you have no intention of doing business with but enjoyed those freebies.  This will make your whole entire life easier when you get home from the bridal show and decide to view 600 flyers! 

At the end of the Bridal Show you will need to recharge yourself for Monday but trust me you will be smiling like this - it's all DONE!! See you there 



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