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Meagan Gibson Photography

Meagan Gibson Photography

Let’s have a little moment for our Grooms- what we like to call Grooms Coroner! Today we are looking into groomsmen responsibilities and duties as they play a big role in helping the Groom stay on task. Groomsmen let’s remember being a part of someone’s wedding day is a big honor.

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Top 5 Groomsmen duties:

Here are out top 5 duties:

1.       Formalwear – It goes without saying that you’re going to have to look your best on the wedding day. The cost in purchasing or renting your formal attire for is up to the groomsmen

2.       Pre-Wedding - Attend all pre-wedding events, such as the engagement party, wedding shower, rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

3.       3. Bachelor Party- help the best man plan and pay for the bachelor party. This can include offering ideas, researching, and booking flights and the hotel.

4.       Wedding Day Prep -In most cases, the groomsmen meet the groom at one central location to relax and get ready together.

5.       Party Starters- At the beginning of the wedding reception, you’ll be introduced, along with a bridesmaid. After you have fun taking center stage, it will be your job to keep the party going throughout the evening. If guest see that you’re having fun on the dance floor, it’s most likely they will join in too!

Cheers to being a Groomsmen


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Photos: Meagan Gibson Photography

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