Photo List for Day of the Wedding

Perhaps one of the most important details about your wedding is the wedding photography. After all, these are pictures that will remind you of your special day for the rest of your life. So you only have one chance to make them great! The key to being successful in capturing these moments is speaking with your photographer about them before wedding day. The more you share about the vision of your day the better they will be able to capture it.

Today we want to show photos of a recent wedding and how Ashley Guice Photography captured the small details you will want to remember forever.

We also want to share a small list to add to your wedding day Photography list.


Pre – Wedding Primp & Prep

  • Wedding dress portrait
  • Bridesmaids getting ready
  • Bridesmaid’s gift
  • The rings
  • Flowers
  • Shoes
  • Vows


  • Ceremony set up
  • Sign-in table
  • Groom watching the bride walk down the aisle
  • Who gives this bride moment
  • Parent’s reaction
  • Ceremony landscape
  • The first kiss
  • Couple walking down the aisle together


  • Reception location landscape
  • Escort cards or table numbers
  • Candid moments
  • Tablescape
  • Décor details
  • Cake
  • Traditional dances
  • Toast
  • The send off

Happy Planning



Day of Wedding Schedule


As you start your planning one thing you want to think about it is the schedule. Often brides start planning and then all of a sudden the catering staff needs to know what time dinner is and you have no clue what to tell them.  Today, we are going to help with sharing a mock schedule for the “Day of Wedding”. Please note this can vary depending on what your needs are but below is a generic wedding and reception timeline.

We promise as soon as you start thinking about the schedule and at least having an estimated one, the better it will help you in your planning wedding day.

The first thing you will need to know and that will change every piece to the timeline is – “What time is your ceremony”? Depending on your ceremony time you can then move other times to better fit your needs.


3:00pm Arrive to venue

3:30pm Getting ready Photos

4:00pm First look photos or separate photos with bridesmaid/groomsmen and family

5:00pm Wedding Ceremony

5:30pm Cocktail/ Appetizer Hour

6:15pm Grand Entrance

6:30pm Dinner Service

7:30pm Toast

7:45pm Frist Dance, Daddy Daughter Dance, Mother Son Dance

               Open Dance Floor

8:30pm Cake Cut

               Open Dance Floor

9:00pm Garter/Bouquet Toss

             Open Dance Floor

10:40pm Last Dance

10:45pm Grand Exit

Now, there can be a lot of things that happen in between all of these pieces, you can add the shoe game or slide show presentation. However, this mock timeline can help you in getting started in scheduling the correct time for each piece.

Happy Planning


Hidden Questions to ask when booking a Wedding Venue?

 Melissa Ivy Photography

Melissa Ivy Photography

Today we are talking about hidden questions you need to ask when booking a wedding venue. Now, we still advise asking other questions and defiantly those common ones like - "What is included in the package"? But we want to help with questions that you might not think of in asking especially before handing over a chunk of change. 


Here are our top hidden questions to ask when contacting for you wedding venue:

Are taxes included in this price - if not how much more? 

How much is it per person after I hit my cap of guest? 

What is my payment plan? 

When do you need to have the full amount paid by?

Is gratuity included? 

How much is my deposit and is there a security deposit you hold until after the event? 

What is the cancellation policy? 

Are there any other additional fees with your vendors? Such as cake cutting fee or dish rentals? 

Do you work with a hotel nearby with discount room rates? 

What is the alcohol policy? 

What is your plan B in case of bad weather?

Is the ceremony rehearsal included?  

If I need to add an hour for set up or clean up how much is it? 


There can be a million questions you wan to ask and that's okay. You will learn as you do a site visit most questions will be answered. However, it's great to write a list out of question you wan to know as it will later help you in deciding between venues. Good luck hunting! 



Venue: The Wright House 

Photographer: Melissa Ivy Photography