Wedding Sparklers 101

Erin and Blake Badgers Photography

Erin and Blake Badgers Photography

Wedding Sparklers 101

The ceremony was beautiful, the dinner was delicious and you’re guest don't want the party to end. This is the perfect time to finish the night with a bang! A sparkler exit everyone will always remember and the perfect way to end the evening. 

Benjamin Clifford Photography

Benjamin Clifford Photography

Let's talk logistics -

Who has the sparklers?   Here at The Wright House our coordinator will hold on to the sparklers until it is time. This will help you in making sure no one gets into before it is time. 

How do your guests access the sparklers? The coordinator should work with the DJ to make sure that after the last dance there is an announcement about exiting to where they can grab a sparkler for the Sparkler Exit. From there your coordinator can hand one to each guest as she/he lines the guest up in two lines.

How do we light them and how long will it take? Your coordinator will share with guest quick tips on handling the sparklers:

            Sparklers are fire; to be safe please keep lit sparklers an arm length from you and high up in the air for when the Bride and Groom go through the line. Please make sure there are not children or any other guest in front or below your sparklers – everyone should be in a nice straight line. To light sparklers it is easy – a few sparklers will be lit please touch the sparklers tips to light your sparklers and the ones around you. It will only take a few seconds to light the sparkers.

What happens when the sparklers are lit? When the sparklers are lit and high up in the air – your coordinator will give you the okay to walk thru the lines of guest. It is best to take your time when walking thru the line. Give your bride/groom a big kiss in the middle of the sparkler line for the best photo opt.

What do guest do after the sparkler exit is over?  After you have gone thru the line and the sparklers are at the end of their life spam your coordinator will have a large tin bucket for the sparklers to be placed in after they are completely out.

Kaila Cales Photography

Kaila Cales Photography


Tips to Remember:

Do not use matches to light sparklers. They do not burn long enough to raise the heat of the sparklers to be light.

One sparkler per person is just enough! Two sparklers will for each person will cost you more plus put your guest at a better chance of burning themselves.

You do not need more than 2-3 barbecue lighters to light over 150 sparklers. The key is to light a few throughout the line to help light all other sparklers. Sparklers lit by another sparkler will light almost instantly. I promise!

Best sparkler size is 20 inches – Smaller sparklers go out too fast! When the sparkler is XL you are mostly likely to burn someone (bride/groom) if the two lines are too close and they last long after and guest have to wait a while to put the sparkler in the bucket.

Sparklers are fire and can burn clothing, hair, and people. Please make sure to handle with care and safely.

At The Wright House we provide sparklers for all of our weddings that have included the Limo in their package. You will not have to worry about ordering sparklers last minute as will take care of everything for you. If you need to order sparklers please make sure to order them a month in advance as they cannot be shipped by air since they are consider fireworks.

Enjoy the moment


Kylee Patterson Photography

Kylee Patterson Photography

2 Venues : 1 Location

Ballroom vs Provencal 

In every tour we are asked which venue do people like more? 

Really it depends on you? Each Bride and Groom have a different taste and vision for their wedding and each of our venues are so versatile to fit those many styles. Every tour is different, and each couple falls in love with one side vs the other side. However, at the end of the day our Gardens are what speaks to everyone! The best part is, there is no price difference, each venue cost exactly the same! 

Today on the blog we are showcasing both venues for you to decided which venue you like more. 



Ballroom Garden

Capacity 250 

photo 3 (15).JPG


Capacity 150


10 Tips to ask on a Wedding Venue Tour

We came across "Life of Blyss" blog and she did a perfect job choosing the top 10 things to ask on a venue tour! She went into these tours blind, like many other brides do. It is exciting to get engaged, and then you realize you finally get to plan your dream wedding!!!! However, you are entrering into a serious contract and you should be prepared. So, we are sharing the 10 tips to ask on your wedding venue tour from "Life of Blyss" blog. 

For any couple embarking on their venue tour, I’d recommend the following quick tips:


Do your research

Look up other weddings on their website, Pinterest, and Google. Make lists of what you don’t like, and ask the event coordinator if it’s something you can change


Know your must-haves and non-negotiables

You won’t know if the venue is the right fit for you if you don’t have a vision for the wedding. Try to look up other weddings and make lists of what you want on your special day. 


Learn the backup plan

If you are having an outdoor ceremony, find out the rain plan.


Take a small notebook to make a pros/cons list

As soon as you leave, you’ll forget details. Videos and Photos help, too!


Ask about the bridal/groom suites

How big is each suite? Do you have a private bathroom? How long do you have access to them?


Learn all guest accommodations

How close is the nearest hotel? How far is that hotel from the airport? Do you have guests with special needs at your reception? 


Inquire about venue insuranc

Some vendors are require to obtain it before your big day. Such as the bartender. 


Request a preferred vendor list

Some venues require you to book vendors from their list only. Some purely offer recommendations. Make sure you know the difference. Also, vendors who are used to working at that venue might be extra helpful for you.


Find out everything that is included and what costs extra

Some things will shock you, trust me! At some places, seating and tables are included. At others, you need to source and supply just about everything other than the grounds. Don't forget to ask about TAX?


Read the Reviews

Read the reviews on google, wedding wire and others. Also, check out the venues social media to see real weddings and comments. 

Hopefully this list will help you feel prepared and ready to chat wedding venue. To find the original post from Life of Blyss here